Florida Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

A flood happens when water completely covers an area of the land that is normally dry. It can occur wherever it rains and can be caused by heavy rainfall, tropical storms, hurricanes, broken levees, river and stream runoffs, and overflowing sewage or drainage systems. Every community is at risk for flooding. Flood-hazard maps outline each neighborhood’s risk level. Whether it is low, moderate, or high, flood insurance can help to protect you where you live.

ICCF offers private flood insurance which often times offers broader coverage and lower rates and can offer higher limits.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, “floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States.” In Florida, more than 2,500 claims were made in 2014 due to flooding. Homeowners are vulnerable to flooding and should consider buying the appropriate amount of insurance for their homes. Flood damage can be considerable and include interior and exterior wall cracks, rust, musty carpets, electrical system malfunction, plumbing issues, and extensive mold and mildew damages. These types of renovations can be costly, so it is best to have flood insurance to avoid paying for it out-of-pocket.

Flood insurance can be purchased for condos, mobile homes, renters, single and multifamily homes, and commercial property owners. If water damages the structure of the building, flood insurance may cover it. Additional insurance can be obtained to cover your personal property. Remember that flood insurance is generally not part of your homeowners’ policy. You should check to make sure you have the extra coverage in case of a disaster.

Don’t wait to buy flood insurance. Policies can take up to 30 days before they become effective. You do not want to wait until hurricane season to start the process. Speak with an agent at The Insurance Center of Central Florida Inc. to learn how you can protect your property and your belongings in case of a flood.

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