Florida Boat/Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

In 2014, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) published an annual report including statistics on boating accidents for that year. The FWC cited 634 boating accidents for that year. With such a statistic in mind, it's important that boat/watercraft owners in Florida protect such a valuable asset.

Why Boat/Watercraft Insurance is Needed

Boating is a huge recreational sport in Florida. From that same report, the FWC found that Florida led the nation in the number of registered vessels. At that time, there were 899,635 registered boats or other watercraft. The FWC also estimated that there were up to one million vessels that are actively used in Florida's waters, but not registered. With these numbers continuing to grow, boat owners need to ensure that their vessels are adequately covered from potential accidents.

Having boat insurance means having protection of a large valuable asset. Insurance may provide protection against theft or damage. In the case of an accident, insurance may cover the policy holder for injuries to the holder or to others. A policy can also cover gear on the boat and/or personal belongings. To customize a policy for these and/or other specific needs, speak to an agent at the Insurance Center of Central Florida Inc.

If you are ready to protect your valuable boat or watercraft, call or come in today. If you prefer to meet a professional agent in person, stop by the office of the Insurance Center of Central Florida Inc. You'll be able to meet with an agent who can guide you through questions about your boat/watercraft vehicle to determine how much coverage you need. The agent can answer all your questions and work with your budget to develop a policy to fit your needs. Come see the experts or check out the online rating tool for the Insurance Center of Central Florida Inc. today!

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