Florida Condo Insurance Coverage

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

In Florida, homeowner's insurance is really not the right choice for condo owners. Condo insurance and homeowners insurance are two completely different policies. Also, it is not enough to rely on the insurance policy that is covered by the building management since it will not protect you to the fullest.

Reasons to Get Condo Insurance

To put it simply, while there is coverage for the building provided by the condominium, it does not provide any coverage for you or your personal items. Condo insurance will cover all of your personal belongings as well as the interior of your specific unit. With some plans, you may also find that condo insurance will cover any damage to other units that originated in your unit. Condo insurance is a great way to protect your unit as well as your finances if other units are damaged around you.

Some Things Condo Insurance Covers

Some of the main things that condo insurance protects you from includes fire, accidental water damage, theft, smoke, lighting, windstorm damage, and vandalism. If you rely on the insurance provided by the condominium, all of your personal belongings that are damaged will not be covered. Condo insurance serves as a supplement to the overall policy offered for the structure of the building and it is a great way to protect yourself against paying for damages.

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